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What is Indimate?


Indimate is a retro-fit device that reminds you to turn off your motorcycle's indicators. To this end, a "ticking" sound is transmitted to your Bluetooth intercom.

What does the app do?


The Indimate app communicates with the Indimate device. When an indicator is detected, the app will play a turn signal sound on your phone. If you have connected your Bluetooth intercom to your phone, you will hear these sounds while riding!

Do I need a Bluetooth Intercom?


Technically, Indimate works with only your phone. You can use a speaker or earphones to better hear the indicator sounds while riding.

Will Indimate drain my motorcycle's battery?


No. When switched on, Indimate draws 10% of what a turn signal would draw (0.05 amps).
Indimate will turn off automatically and not consume any battery at all in the following cases:

1. The app disconnects from Indimate because you left the Bluetooth range or pressed "Shutdown" in the app.
2. You don't use your indicators for 30 minutes.

Indimate is turned on again by turning on an indicator.

Can I use an ignition switched power supply?


Yes. As long as the power supply is 6-12V, this is not a problem.

Is Indimate difficult to install?


No! It's easy. Check out the Installation Guide for more details.

Will Indimate work on my motorcycle?


In almost all cases: yes.
Indimate needs to be powered by your 6-12V motorcycle battery. Naturally, your motorcycle also needs indicators that switch from 0 V to 12 V (or 6 V). Practically every motorcycle meets these requirements.

Do I need extension wires?


As an optional extra, extension wires can be purchased on the Indimate product page.
To see if you need extension wires, simply measure how long the wires need to be for your bike.

Standard lengths (without extension wires):
Blue indicator wires (x2): 30 cm
Black battery wire: 30 cm
Red battery wire: 30 cm

Extension wires:
The extension cords come in a pack of 4, are available in 30cm / 60cm / 1m and have male/female bullet connectors on both ends.

Does the app work on my phone?


The minimum operating system requirements for the Indimate app are: Android 8.0 or IOS 14.0.

How do I set up the "Automatic connection" feature?


Auto connection is set up automatically on Android.
Setting up auto connection on iPhone is also easy, just follow the setup instructions when you launch the app for the first time or go to Indimate Settings > "Auto Connection".

Does "auto-connect" drain my mobile phone battery?


No. On iPhone, the app will get a prompt from iOS if Indimate is found during a passive Bluetooth scan that's running in the background anyway.
On Android, the Bluetooth scan is very low-power and consumes virtually no charge, as can be seen in Settings > Battery > Indimate.

Can I use my Garmin/TomTom with Indimate?


Generally speaking, yes.
Some of our customers like to connect their standalone GPS unit to their intercoms, and are left wondering how Indimate will fit in with their setup.

There are two main options:
1. If your intercom supports it, you can connect both your GPS system and your phone to it at the same time.
2. If your GPS system supports it, you can connect your phone to your GPS and keep your GPS connected to your intercom.

If in doubt, you can always try out one of these setups and see if you can listen to music via Spotify (or similar). If you can, Indimate will work too.

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