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About Us

At Indimate, it's our strong belief that movement on two wheels leads to a more enjoyable and healthier life. Our mission is to make this lifestyle safer for every rider.

How it all started

Like with many great entrepreneurial stories, this one starts in a basement.

After nearly failing his motorcycle test because of forgetting to turn off an indicator, Nicolas (Indimate's founder) set out to develop a solution which would solve the "indicator problem" once and for all.

Here he's putting together some Indimates (by hand!) in his parent's basement to go out to the first customers.

Fast forward a year

After a lot of hard work and iteration, Indimate is now a self-sustaining business with happy customers and great reviews.

"I just love receiving emails from customers that are genuinely excited about something we've made. It's extremely humbling that someone would take the time out of their day to do that" - Nicolas

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Indimate at the Motorradmesse Erfurt, Germany 2023

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