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New Feature! Auto-Connect now available

By popular request, it's now possible to have Indimate automatically connect to your smartphone without opening the app. You can simply start riding, and Indimate will begin ticking away when you indicate.To hear the sounds in your helmet, you will of course have to turn on your intercom as usual.
When you turn on an indicator, a notification will display after no more than 10 seconds, informing you of a successful connection.This is what it looks like on Android and iPhone:

Android Setup

This feature requires no additional setup on android.Note that if you restart your device, or turn Bluetooth off and on, you'll have to re-open the app briefly for the feature to continue working.

iPhone Setup

Setup on iPhone is also easy. Navigate to Indimate's settings and tap "Permissions" next to "Automatic Connection".You'll have to grant "always" location permission so that IOS can scan for the Indimate iBeacon (emitted by the Indimate device) when your phone's screen is off.

Don't worry, we can't track your location. iBeacons work by emitting a specific Bluetooth signal that your iPhone can look for. If app developers know the location of this iBeacon, they know you must be near it if your iPhone has detected its presence. Since we have no idea where any of our customer’s Indimate devices are, this doesn’t give us any location information. In any case, we have no interest in your location data.

Battery Concerns

We have thoroughly tested the drain on both the smartphone and motorcycle battery, and have found that, as expected, there is zero drain on either when you haven’t indicated in the last 30mins. There is only minimal drain, that you won’t even notice, when Indimate is in use.

If you need any help please reach out to us at

Indimate - Reduce the risk of a serious motorcycle accident with live indicator feedback.


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