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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Indimate?

Indimate is a device which reminds you to cancel your indicators (aka. blinkers / turn signals).

It reminds you by making a "clicking" indicator sound in your Bluetooth intercom, like you would hear in a car.

How does Indimate work?

Indimate connects to your bike with 4 wires.

Two for power and two for detecting when your indicator is on (one left and one right).

When Indimate detects an indicator, it sends a signal to the Indimate app on your phone. This then plays the clicking sound on your phone.

As long as you have your intercom connected to your phone, you'll hear your indicators on a ride!

Can I change the sound of Indimate?

Sure you can!

Not only can you choose from various pre-loaded sound options, you can even upload your own.

Do I need a Bluetooth Intercom?

Technically, Indimate works with only your phone. You can use a speaker or earphones to better hear the indicator sounds while riding.

Indimate Device

Does Indimate Automatically Connect?


After the initial setup Indimate connects without you having to lift a finger. Just turn on an indicator and Indimate will automatically connect to the app on your phone.

The app does not have to be open, and your phone screen can even be off for this to happen.

This is possible due to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol which has been used in phones and portable devices like smartwatches and heart rate monitors for many years.

Since these scans are usually running in the background anyway, the Indimate app does not put any additional drain on your phone's battery life.

Will Indimate drain my bike's battery?

No, we have taken extra care to ensure the device draws no power when you are not riding. Here are the technical details:

In it's powered off state, Indimate draws zero current, as it completely isolates itself from your battery using an internal electronic switch (transistor).

Indimate will enter this powered off state when you disconnect from the device (either by leaving the Bluetooth range or tapping "shutdown" in the app). A period of inactivity will also power Indimate off.

The only way to reactivate Indimate is to "kick start" it back to life by turning on an indicator. The internal electronics use the indicator pulse to flip the transistor back into its operating state.

The firmware on the Indimate device then proceeds to communicate with the software of the smartphone app to perform an automatic connection.

In short: no, we've thought about that

Can I connect Indimate to an ignition activated power source?

Yes you can, this has no effect on the operation of Indimate.

How do I know which wires to tap?

To identify which wires are your indicator wires, the easiest thing to do is to trace the wires that come directly out of the indicators themselves. There will typically be a black wire and a coloured wire per indicator, you’ll want to tap the coloured wire.

If you are still unsure, feel free to double check with our knowledgeable support team. You can send us pictures via email or WhatsApp or just give us a call.

Is Indimate compatible with my motorcycle?

In almost all cases: yes.

You can use our compatibility checker to be sure.

If you can't find your bike in the list please contact us, and we'll do a manual check.

Indimate App

What's the purpose of the app?

The Indimate app communicates with the Indimate device. When an indicator is detected, the app will play a clicking indicator sound on your phone. If you have connected your Bluetooth intercom to your phone, you will hear these sounds while riding!

Aside from enabling Indimate to effortlessly integrate with your existing audio setup, the app gives you a lot of further functionality, for example, you can:

Add a delay before the sound starts

Decide whether the sound should play directionally (in the left/right ear according to which direction you're indicating)

Decide whether the volume should adjust to your travel speed

Decide whether to Boost the volume if you are hard of hearing

Decide whether to turn off the sound when waiting at traffic lights

Decide whether to vibrate your phone when the indicator is active

and much more!

Minimum phone requirements

The minimum phone requirements are either:

  • Android 8.0
  • iOS 14

If you are not sure which version how have, you can check in your phone's settings. As a rule of thumb, if you purchased your phone within the last 10 years, it will work with Indimate.

Can I still listen to Music / Navigation with Indimate active?

Of course!

The Indimate sounds will play alongside Music, Navigation, Calls or anything else you have playing on your phone.

The App even lets you customise the sound level of Indimate with respect to other apps.

Will Indimate work with my Garmin / TomTom?


Some of our customers like to connect their standalone GPS unit to their intercoms, and are left wondering how Indimate will fit in with their setup.

There are two main options:

  1. If your intercom supports it, you can connect both your GPS system and your phone to it at the same time.
  2. If your GPS system supports it, you can connect your phone to your GPS and keep your GPS connected to your intercom.

If in doubt, you can always try out one of these setups and see if you can listen to music via Spotify (or similar). If you can, Indimate will work too.

Warranty / Returns / Shipping

Where do you ship to and how long will it take / cost?

We ship to most parts of the world, and most of the time it's free.

We also cover the duty charge, should there be one.

Final rates, duties and shipping times will be calculated at checkout.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

What's your return policy?

If you are unhappy with the device for any reason, you can return it to us for a full refund up to 90 days after receiving it.

We will cover all shipping costs.

What's the warranty period?

The warranty period of an Indimate device is 4 years.