Do you forget to cancel your indicators?

Indimate plays Indicator sounds through your Bluetooth intercom

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Indimate connected to wires
Biker with his indicator on
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“This really is a brilliantly thought-out solution that can offer a very valuable layer of safety when riding. [it’s] potentially life saving”

John Milbank Headshot

John Milbank, Consumer Editor at Bennetts

John Milbank, Consumer Editor at Bennetts

96% say they feel safer using Indimate

  • They Mention:
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Peace of Mind
  • Less Embarrasment
  • Less Stress
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The Advantages of Indimate

3 different riding conditions

Always Audible

Uses your Bluetooth intercom so that you can hear Indimate in all conditions.

Indimate and Phone connected via Bluetooth

Hassle Free Setup

It takes most people 5 - 15 minutes to set up Indimate after watching the installation video.

POV of rider on motorcycle riding through an autumn forest

Stay in Control

Unlike with self cancelling indicators, Indimate leaves the rider in control preventing early indicator cancellations.

rider looking at mountains next to his bike

No interruptions

Indimate takes nothing from your riding experience. It connects automatically, and plays alongside any music or navigation.

phone screen displaying the indimate connected notification

Wide range of Customisation

In the app you can set the indicator sound, add a delay, silence the sound at traffic lights and much much more.

Indimate customer service at a motorcycle trade show

World Class Customer Support

We're real people, and care that our product provides value to you. Reach out via email or phone for support.

We're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot

Jess H.

Valued Customer since Sep. 2022

Should be factory equipment.

I was guilty of forgetting to cancel my motorcycle indicators often. It was a bit embarrassing finding that I had been riding for miles with the indicator on (...) The indimate was the perfect solution. It fit inside my headlight shell and connected easily.

(translated by Google)

Phil Q.

Valued Customer since Nov. 2022

Indimate indicator monitor.

Indimate is an excellent product. Very easy to fit and simple to use. Makes cancelling indicators very easy.

(translated by Google)

Christian B.

Valued Customer since May. 2022

I was there since the beginning...

I ordered right at the beginning and everything worked great. Fast delivery and good support for questions. I no longer want to go without and can recommend the product and the developers.

(translated by Google)

Hans M.

Valued Customer since Mar. 2023

Very helpful and competent feedback.

Everything is absolutely perfect, this Indimate module is absolutely top. I can only recommend it.

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Michael B.

Valued Customer since Apr. 2023

Thank you for this innovation!

Fast delivery and very stylish, high quality packaging. Well illustrated and easy to follow installation instructions.(...) I am very satisfied because forgetting to cancel turn signals is now a thing of the past. It was a good investment and I highly recommend it.

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Barbara Shepard

Valued Customer since Jun. 2023

The item arrived within the time stated…

The item arrived within the time stated and my husband has fitted it and is very happy with it. Thank you

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Valued Customer since Jun. 2023

Very high praise to the developer

Kudos to the developer. I've been riding with Indimate for about 8 weeks now and wouldn't want to do without it. Easy to install, well described and you never forget your indicators. Works great with Cardo intercom! Great job! It's for safety. I am now an Indimate fan. Keep it up!

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Valued Customer since Jun. 2023

A great product

A great product. The aftersales support was also very helpful

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Gerd Litzenroth

Valued Customer since Jun. 2023

Very good product

Very good product. Increases safety enormously.

(translated by Google)

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We'll tell you whether your motorcycle is compatible with Indimate within 24h

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