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Never forget to cancel your indicators again!

Indimate plays ticking sounds in your intercom, here is what it sounds like:

You can select different sounds in the app, or even upload your own.

Check if your Bike is compatible and get a 20% discount...

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How it works

Indimate follows a simple 3 step process


Indimate detects when your indicator is on...

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2 sends a signal to the app on your phone...

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...which plays a clicking sound in your intercom

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Indimate automatically connect?


Once everything is set up, Indimate will automatically connect before every ride. You won't have to mess around with Bluetooth Settings or Apps. Just set it and forget it.

Is Indimate difficult to install?

Not at all.

Indimate is installed in 5-10mins and requires no special skills or tools, everything you need is provided in the box.

We have well documented installation steps and super fast support for our customers.

Returns, Shipping, Warranty Info?

Returns: If you are unhappy with Indimate for any reason, you can return it to us within 90 days of receiving it for a full refund. We'll cover all shipping costs.

Shipping: Usually, shipping is free and there are no additional customs charges. Final rates are calculated at checkout and you won't be charged more than you see at checkout.

Warranty: An Indimate device purchased on this website has a warranty period of 4 years.

How do I get in touch?

You can use any of the following methods (or the chat in the bottom right of your screen) to reach out:

I'm always happy to hear from you!

-Nicolas (Founder of Indimate)

Join hundreds of happy Indimate users

Here is what they have to say...

"I loathed my bike's lack of self-cancelling turn signals until I found Indimate. Its truly Blinkin Brilliant!"



"I found Indimate and took the plunge! What a difference it has made. I now never forget to cancel my indicators"

Tony J.

United Kingdom

"I was guilty of forgetting to cancel my motorcycle indicators often. The indimate was the perfect solution."

Jess H.


"Indimate is an excellent product. Very easy to fit and simple to use. Makes cancelling indicators very easy."

Phil Q.

United Kingdom

"I ordered right at the beginning and everything worked great. Fast delivery and good support for questions."

Christian B.


"Kudos to the developer. I've been riding with Indimate for about 8 weeks now and wouldn't want to do without it"



The world's most sophisticated audible indicator

"The best ideas are well designed and simple to use"

- 2022 Indimate Customer

"Unmatched clarity due to integration with the intercom"

- 2024 Indimate Customer

"Super easy to fit, wouldn't want to go without it"

- 2024 Indimate Customer

Check if your Bike is compatible and get a 20% discount...

Compatibility Checker

Get in touch!

Don't hesitate to reach out,
We're happy to help.
-Nicolas, Indimate Founder

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