The Technology Behind Indimate: How It Keeps You Safe on the Road

The Technology Behind Indimate: How It Keeps You Safe on the Road

Have you ever found yourself cruising down the open road, only to realise you forgot to turn off your turn signal? In this article, we talk about the clever technology that makes Indimate tick (pun intended).

Indimate with it's wires

The Entire Concept in 3 Sentences

Indimate starts by effortlessly plugging into your motorcycle's wiring with four simple connectors. The device automatically establishes a connection with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is faster and more reliable than standard Bluetooth. Your phone will play a familiar turn signal clicking sound which you can easily hear through your intercom.


Bluetooth Connectivity and Reliability

Indimate's reliability stems from its use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Unlike traditional Bluetooth connections that can drain your phone's battery, BLE consumes minimal energy. This ensures that Indimate remains connected to your phone without compromising your device's power, making it an ideal and energy-efficient solution for your safety needs.

Phone with Indimate and Intercom Connection Notifications


Indimate's Anti-Battery-Drain Technology

Worried about the impact on your motorcycle's battery life? Rest easy. Indimate is engineered with anti-battery-drain technology, ensuring that it remains a No-Power device when not in use. This feature ensures that while Indimate diligently keeps you informed about your turn signals, it won't drain your bike's battery.

Indimate Installed on Motorcycle



Volume Based on Travel Speed

Indimate's cutting-edge technology doesn't stop there. The device intelligently adjusts its volume based on your travel speed, ensuring that you receive clear and audible alerts regardless of the conditions. Whether you're cruising on the highway, navigating through city traffic or stopped at traffic lights, Indimate adapts to your riding environment, enhancing your overall safety.


Never Sacrifice Adventure with IP68 Rating

Worried about taking your motorcycle on off-road adventures or facing unpredictable weather conditions? Indimate is built for it. With an IP68 rating, this device is adventure-ready and weatherproof, ensuring it performs optimally in any environment.

Customization for Your Riding Experience

The Indimate app takes your safety to the next level by allowing you to customise various settings. Adjust the volume, set a delay for the indicator reminder, and choose from different clicking sounds. The app even gives you statistics on how often you’ve used your turn signals!

Man holding Indimate and his Phone

Real-Time Feedback and Peace of Mind

Indimate goes beyond being a safety device; it's a riding companion dedicated to keeping you focused on the road ahead. With real-time feedback on your turn signals, you can ride with confidence, free from the stress of wondering if your indicators are off. Embrace a worry-free riding experience and make Indimate part of your safety gear line-up.

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