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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast who takes safety seriously? We know that as riders, safety is a top priority, and one often overlooked aspect is indicator safety. Failing to cancel your indicators at the right time can lead to confusion and, even worse, accidents on the road. But fear not, we have a fun and informative solution that not only helps you assess your indicator awareness but also provides valuable tips to enhance your safety on two wheels. Introducing the Signal Safety Quiz!


Quiz Results


What's the Signal Safety Quiz?

Our Signal Safety Quiz is a quick, 10-question assessment designed for riders like you who want to ensure their indicator safety is top-notch. It's a fun way to evaluate your indicator awareness and receive personalized tips to further enhance your safety while riding.


Where Can You Take the Quiz?

You can take the quiz right here on our website. It's easy, quick, and completely free. Just use this link: www.indimate.info/quiz


Why Take the Quiz?

  • Assess Your Indicator Safety: Find out how prone you are to forgetting to turn off your indicators and where you stand compared to other riders, The average score is around 50%.

  • Get Tips: Receive expert tips to quickly improve your indicator safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Exclusive Access: By taking the quiz, you'll secure a prime spot on our waitlist for our new safety products.


Spread the Word: Share Your Score!

Once you've completed the quiz, don't forget to share your score on social media. Encourage other riders to take the quiz too. Let's make the roads safer together!

Start the quiz now, it takes less than 2 minutes:


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